Providing Michigan and Ohio growers and dispensaries with a one-source compliancy partner.

Your Partner in Growing

At AKCC, we were the real-time production and process monitoring industry leaders of the Midwest for 25 years (Mattec, Plant Star, Hunkar, etc). We retired into the cannabis business in 2009 and worked with iron labs to perfect our growing and extraction methods. A decade later and the states are changing the game with Metrc, and so are we. We have spent almost a year picking our new business partners to provide complete support for the industry! We are going back to our real-time software roots to help our fellow cannabis friends with the difficult Metrc seed-to-sale software systems. We select our partners based on quality, hard work, reliability, and being kind with pricing!

We believe we have all of the best products and services you’ll need to succeed in the cannabis industry. Metrc support, auditing, advertising, banking, and much more. Explore our site to see how we can help grow your business!

From Seed to Sale